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How we take on planning proposals

Following the initial site meeting with the client, a site survey is usually carried out to gather all the existing dimensions and a photographic survey to document the existing site.


These data are used by our team to carry out the existing drawings which will be used by our designers to carry out the proposal for the client.


We pride ourselves on our communication with the client during the design stage to ensure that we consider all their ideas and feasibility of the proposal.


Once our clients are satisfied with the proposed and happy for us to proceed to submit the drawings only then do we move on to the prepare the planning application form to submit to the planning department.

While the application has been submitted we monitor its progress with the council in en effort to help with the smooth progress of the application up until the plans get approved.


Single-storey side extension

Complete renovation


Single-storye rear Extension

Double storey side extension

Building regulations

Double-storey rear Extension

Loft conversions

Flat conversion & HMO